20th Year of Isthmus: Our People


When Isthmus was founded by Katie Toghramadjian in October of 2002, she could not have imagined how it would look today. Now a thriving company of more than 40 employees, Isthmus enters our 20th year with pride, curiosity, and excitement. Ask anyone what makes Isthmus special and you’re likely to hear “the people.” We couldn’t agree more! Our dedicated, committed, and motivated team are the core of Isthmus.

We celebrated our 19th anniversary in October with an evening on the St. Croix. We connected and laughed under the stars, sharing an experience even more special since we haven’t been together in-person much in the last 20 months. During the event, we had some fun responding to the question, “What is your favorite thing about Isthmus?”

Our 20th year is underway, and over the next 11 months we look forward to sharing who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

We are engineers, technicians, and administrative support professionals …

problem-solvers, collaborators, and communicators …

mothers, fathers, and partners …

leaders, organizers, and volunteers …

We are Team Isthmus.

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