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Luke Schneider, EIT

Design Engineer
Luke Schneider

Isthmus Team Member Since: 2021

Professional Registration:

B.C.E. Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Areas of Specialty:
Roadway Design, 3D Modeling & Visualization

Luke embraces challenging projects and new situations. He continually seeks to expand his knowledge of roadway design and is adept at applying what he learns from project to project. Leveraging both his academic and on-the-job knowledge, he is developing his skills in geometric design and corridor modeling. Luke has performed modeling on projects ranging from mill and overlay to full urban reconstruction including ADA quadrants. His geometric design experience includes preliminary layouts and several reduced conflict intersection projects. Luke was instrumental in developing the immersive visualization for a recent Complete Streets project.

Even though Luke is a lifelong Minnesotan, it was a trip to Colorado when he was younger that piqued an interest in mountain roads and inspired his path into roadway design.