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Yuxuan Li, PE

Project Engineer
Yuxuan Li

Isthmus Team Member Since: 2017

Professional Registration:
Civil Engineer, MN #58802

M.S. & B.C.E. Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Areas of Specialty:
Roadway Design, 3D Design & Modeling, ADA Design

Yuxuan considers roadway design a form of art that leaves an imprint on the world. Her creativity enhances her engineering design work.  Yuxuan has developed a strong sense of the fundamentals of design and the components of a complete plan set through her involvement on MnDOT projects. She has a wide range of abilities, including preliminary and final geometric design and cost estimates, advanced corridor modeling, ADA-compliant design, signing and pavement marking, utility plans, and erosion control plans. Adept at leveraging CADD within the current MnDOT workflow, Yuxuan is supporting the Isthmus in-house initiative to adopt OpenRoads Designer in tandem with MnDOT’s transition.

Painting of a beach at sunset with a palm tree

Yuxuan's admiration for her grandfather who was a hydraulic engineer led her to engineering. She enjoys traditional Chinese art and expresses her creativity beyond her engineering work through drawing and painting.