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TH 23 North Gap

Paynesville to Richmond, MN

Project Overview

This Corridors of Commerce project involves the reconstruction and expansion of nine miles of TH 23 from Paynesville to Richmond, MN. Currently under construction, TH 23 is being expanded from two to four lanes. The project also includes realignment of several intersections, extensive utility relocations, reconstruction of one mile of the Glacial Lakes State Trail, and the realignment of Kolling Creek.

Our Work

The Isthmus Project Team led the final design. Unique aspects of the design included mill and overlay, drainage, four box culverts, 17 basins, detours, staging and traffic control, advanced corridor modeling with machine control, turf establishment and erosion control, the design of 14 intersections, soil remediation with surcharge, and lighting.

The utility coordination involved 11 utility companies and public entities. A complex utility relocation permitting process was required due to several properties that were not acquired until after project letting and all utility relocations needing to accommodate the multiple stages of construction.

Featured Team Members

Avo Toghramadjian
Project Manager

Kevin Krech
Design Manager

Andrea Fastenow
3D Modeling

Mike Zmuda, PE
Utility Coordination

Amy DeBruin
Role: Quality Manager

Featured Services

  • Roadway Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Utility Coordination
  • Signing & Pavement Marking
  • Quality Management


Project Details

Owner: MnDOT District 8

Location: Paynesville to Richmond, MN

Project Number: SP 7305-124