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Hwy 10 Multimodal Corridor Study

St. Cloud to Clear Lake, MN
Project Overview

This 10-mile section of U.S. Highway 10 carries high volumes of both highway and rail-based freight and historically suffers frequent fatal and serious injury crashes. Additionally, its land uses are rapidly changing from agricultural to intensive aggregate mining to reclamation following completion of mining.

Our Work

Isthmus led transportation issues identification, including the existing and future conditions assessment for Highway 10 between St. Cloud and Clear Lake, MN. Using ArcGIS and StreetLight, our team analyzed population and employment demographics and trends, transportation network connectivity, land uses and changes, multimodal travel needs, crashes, and origin-destination and travel patterns.

This information, along with insight from community engagement, was then used to evaluate improvement concepts based on various factors, including the likelihood of addressing the identified issues. The results helped to deliver the study area’s multimodal transportation network map book.

Featured Team Members

Pamela Fincher
Pedestrian, Bicycle, & Transit Needs & Evaluation Lead

Featured Services

  • GIS Services
  • Demographics and Land Use Analysis

  • Transportation Network Analysis

  • Access Analysis and Management Strategy Development

  • Multimodal Transportation Needs Assessment

  • Multimodal Traffic Crash Analysis

  • Travel Pattern Analysis and Mapping

  • Alternative Evaluation


Project Details

Owner: MnDOT District 3

Location: Sherburne County, MN