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Hwy 371 Reduced Conflict Intersections

Brainerd, MN

Project Overview

The Highway 371 Reduced Conflict Intersections (RCI) project was undertaken to improve access and safety at three critical intersections along this heavily traveled corridor in the heart of Minnesota lake country. The project area included planning and coordinating access to the Brainerd International Raceway, which is a destination for large events throughout the year and a key point of tourism in the area.

Our Work

Isthmus led both the preliminary and final design work for this corridor safety improvement project. Drawing on past project experience with District 3 and an understanding of district standards and community needs, our team designed three new RCUTs along Highway 371 at Gull Lake Dam Road (County Road 125), Green Gables Road (County Road 126), and the access to Brainerd International Raceway at Birchdale Road.

The project’s critical challenge was to incorporate multiple needs within a constrained and busy space. Our team determined how to design and construct three consecutive RCUT intersections along the 1.5-mile corridor, including new frontage roads and business accesses, while coordinating with utility companies and keeping traffic flowing during the heavy travel season. The RCUT intersections essentially needed to “bump” into each other and the addition of the RCUTs and frontage roads reduced space for utilities.

Our work in the preliminary design phase included geometric layouts, hydraulic analysis, and utility relocation analysis. During the final roadway design process, our team led 3D modeling, utility coordination, hydraulic and drainage design, and final signing and pavement marking plans.

Featured Team Members

Amy DeBruin
Role: Quality Manager

Jason Tschida
Role: Design Lead, 3D Modeling

Mike Zmuda
Role: Utility Coordination

Amber Nord
Role: Signing & Pavement Marking Lead

Allison Futhey
Role: Signing & Pavement Marking Design

Featured Services

  • Roadway Design
  • Hydraulic & Drainage Design
  • Utility Coordination
  • 3D Modeling
  • Signing & Pavement Marking
  • Traffic Control
  • Quality Management


Project Details

Owner: MnDOT District 3

Location: Brainerd, MN

Project Number: SP 1810-99