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TH 53 Relocation

Virginia, MN

Project Overview

This project required that five miles of original highway be relocated by a statutory date to allow for the Rouchleau Mine expansion, including a 480-foot-long bridge 180 feet above the mine pit floor.

Our Work

Isthmus built and maintained the integrity of the 3D model throughout the intense design; a design that was completed in 50% of the original time. As an added value, the model was used by MnDOT for visualization and became the starting point for the models used by the CMGC contractor for machine guidance, supporting the accelerated construction.

Featured Team Members

Katie Toghramadjian
Cross Sections & Modeling Design Lead

Mike Zmuda
Cross Sections & Earthwork Quantities

Andrea Fastenow
Cross Sections Modeling

Ronald Dee
Cross Sections Support

Jason Tschida
Cross Sections Support

Featured Services

  • Transportation Design
  • Modeling & Visualization
  • Utility Coordination


Project Details

Owner: MnDOT District 1

Location: Virginia, MN

Project Number: SP 6918-80