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Design Software Training & Support

Design Software Training & Support

Founded with the vision of promoting quality design through the efficient use of technology, Isthmus has served the local transportation industry for over 20 years. Our engineers and designers understand the current and emerging capabilities of design software and leverage these tools to achieve efficient, predictable, and accurate outcomes. We bring this dedication to our training and support services, with a company goal of elevating our industry.

Over the past two decades, we have supported fellow consulting firms, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and local agencies in advancing their CADD capabilities through workflow development, customized CADD configuration, outcome-oriented training programs, and integrated project-based support.

We have provided custom training to more than 12 consulting firms in the region and, in each case, have been invited back to train additional employees or provide support and training on different topics. We have a long-standing relationship working with MnDOT to develop and deliver numerous MnDOT training courses in MicroStation, ProjectWise, and all aspects of Geopak. We embraced the evolution of 3D modeling tools and helped MnDOT through each step of the transition. Isthmus currently holds multiple contracts to provide on-call CADD training and support for MnDOT staff working for districts across the state.

In keeping with our history, Isthmus seeks to remain on the forefront of emerging design software capabilities. We actively monitor the progression of design software capabilities, pilot customized workflows, and apply this understanding in our work to enhance our ability to effectively support others. 

Areas of Specialty

We are expert-level users of the design software we support. Our areas of proficiency include AutoCAD Civil3D and Bentley products. 

Custom Training
From Day One, a core aspect of our services has been the development and delivery of customized design software training for individuals, groups, and entire agencies. We focus on presenting key concepts within the context of the desired workflow, using real project data, and agency-specific standards. 

Over-the-Shoulder Training
The hallmark of our CADD support services, over-the-shoulder training is geared toward helping CADD users receive just-in-time guidance and support to allow for steady progress toward project delivery goals. We work to understand the background and skill level of each CADD user we support, to build a rapport that allows staff to feel comfortable reaching out, and to look beyond each individual interaction to understand progress relative to overall training objectives.

On-Call Design Support
Isthmus has established a strong reputation as a reliable resource for on-call design support services. Our understanding of agency-specific standards, our established working relationships with other designers, and our areas of expertise are well-suited for providing integrated project-based support. In addition to increasing capacity, our direct involvement at the project level allows us to identify opportunities for improved efficiency in established workflows and provides an integrated resource for building knowledge across the design team.

CADD Administration and System Maintenance
Isthmus understands the challenges of CADD licensing and software application management. We have a proven track record of supporting our clients' IT staff to offer guidance on license management, version control, and troubleshooting. We understand the value of client-specific CADD standards that supplement overarching agency standards. We collaborate with clients to develop a strategic roadmap, so updates can be implemented based on current and projected needs.

Featured Team Members

headshot of Katie Toghramadjian

Katie Toghramadjian, PE

Katie leads Isthmus with vision and compassion. She seeks to create a work"place" where each individual can thrive — knowing that this is the platform upon which innovation, collaboration, and excellence take hold. 
Jason Tschida

Jason Tschida, PE

Jason has the ability to make the complex seem simple. He combines his 3D modeling expertise with his enthusiasm for drone-collected imagery, developing the Isthmus process for creating immersive visualizations which enhance stakeholder understanding of project alternatives and outcomes.
Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson

While it's not rocket science, Katie brings her background as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry and knack for nuanced problem solving to her well-established role as the go-to Isthmus resource for advanced corridor modeling support.
headshot of Ronald Dee

Ronald Dee, PE

Ronald's signature smile reflects the positive and helpful attitude that he brings to work each day. Whether welcoming new members to our growing team or offering over-the-shoulder CADD support to our clients, Ronald's patient encouragement sets a tone where curiosity translates to learning.
Elliot Troudt

Elliot Troudt, PE

Across the large-scale transit teams he works with, Elliot is appreciated for his willingness to share his expert-level knowledge of Civil 3D. His collaborative approach to design furthers his own capabilities while enhancing the team's deliverables.