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Modeling & Visualization

Modeling & Visualization

Modeling and Visualization have become important tools for communicating proposed improvements to roadways and other facilities beyond the engineering plans and 2D representations that the public does not always easily comprehend. With the applications available to the video game and architecture industries, we are able to communicate visually more quickly and accurately than ever before. Historically, the scale of transportation projects and the multitude of CADD platforms in this industry have created challenges. Isthmus team members have embraced those challenges and have been developing higher-quality and more interactive models in very efficient timeframes.

Our team starts with a combination of items including a 3D design model, field collected data, and ortho-imagery or photogrammetry collected via drone. These items are then compiled through a variety of visualization rendering software that provide photos, videos, 360-degree panoramas, and virtual reality tours that layer together proposed work with current, actual images from the surrounding landscape so viewers can relate more directly to their location.

We have presented our models to customers and the public for a variety of needs including design, plan production, and engagement. The models have consistently received very positive feedback from everyone, both clients and members of the public.

Areas of Specialty

Drone Imagery
Isthmus owns two drones, a Mavic 3 and a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, and team member Jason Tschida, is a licensed drone pilot. The drones are used for capturing aerial images and videos to create 3D photogrammetric models.

3D CADD Modeling
Our team uses both Bentley and AutoCAD products for civil engineering design. Modeling is built into our design process for preliminary and final roadway designs, as well as for public involvement activities.

Image/Video Rendering
We use a variety of platforms to create animated objects and people, and realistically textured roadways and landscapes that can then be used in virtual reality environments.

Featured Experience

Featured Team Members

Jason Tschida

Jason Tschida, PE

Jason has the ability to make the complex seem simple. He combines his 3D modeling expertise with his enthusiasm for drone-collected imagery, developing the Isthmus process for creating immersive visualizations which enhance stakeholder understanding of project alternatives and outcomes.
Elliot Troudt

Elliot Troudt, PE

Across the large-scale transit teams he works with, Elliot is appreciated for his willingness to share his expert-level knowledge of Civil 3D. His collaborative approach to design furthers his own capabilities while enhancing the team's deliverables.
Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson

While it's not rocket science, Katie brings her background as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry and knack for nuanced problem solving to her well-established role as the go-to Isthmus resource for advanced corridor modeling support.
Luke Schneider

Luke Schneider, EIT

Always up for a challenge and eager to expand his knowledge of roadway design, Luke is a focused and highly-capable emerging engineer. His aptitude for leveraging 3D design and corridor modeling tools have quickly earned him a reputation as a go-to resource for our team.