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Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management is critical throughout the Transportation Design process to ensure that design conflicts and errors are identified and addressed in a timely manner, avoiding repetition of work and supporting an error-free and biddable plan set.

At Isthmus, Quality Management is the foundation of our project delivery process. Each Isthmus project begins with the development of a Quality Management Plan (QMP), customized for the project and its owner or overseeing agency. Informed by our thorough understanding of design delivery standards, disciplined adherence to the project QMP enables us to identify potential issues and ensure that plans conform to agency preferences and expectations.

We incorporate innovative software into our workflows to facilitate real-time comment resolution and eliminate repeat reviewer comments. In collaboration with our project partners, Isthmus piloted the application of Bluebeam Revu for plan reviews and we continue to refine its use.

With an extensive history of delivering our own projects and performing design reviews for other consultants, the Isthmus team has gained a breadth and depth of experience and has become a trusted advisor for Quality Management from both industry partners and clients alike.

Areas of Specialty

Pre-Letting Support
Our most experienced staff members perform independent design reviews on behalf of public agencies. These reviews ensure that designs conform to required standards and are documented with accepted procedures specific to each client. Isthmus has provided MnDOT CO with staff support for plan reviews since 2014, with a consistent guarantee of seamless coordination, predictable deliverables, and timely turnaround. In tandem with a team of engineers and designers who understand their individual roles and responsibilities in the review process, our designated Primary Reviewers enhance MnDOT’s project delivery capacity by conducting design and plan reviews, checking that all comments are addressed and ensuring adherence to both agency standards and Isthmus’ own Quality Process. The result is timely and detailed plan and special provision reviews to support the delivery of clear and biddable plan, special provisions, and cost estimate packages.

Independent Plan Reviews
Following a process which is both thorough and efficient, Isthmus has performed more than 200 MnDOT project plan reviews to date.  We bring our knowledge of design and plan standards to offer a fresh-eyed review at plan delivery milestones, ensuring that design standards, plan formats, specifications, and special provisions adhere to agency requirements.

Design Quality Management
Isthmus team members ensure that all quality control procedures are implemented throughout project delivery, making them trusted Quality Managers for a wide range of projects. 

Featured Experience

  • MnDOT CO Design and Special Provisions Reviews

    MnDOT CO
    Amy sitting at a desk looking at two computer monitors
  • TPI TH 53 Interchange Reconstruction

    Duluth, MN
  • I-35W North MnPASS Design-Build

    Ramsey and Anoka Counties, MN
    Car on I-35W with signs

Featured Team Members

headshot of Amy DeBruin

Amy DeBruin, PE

In addition to her down-to-earth, approachable demeanor, project partners appreciate Amy for her unmatched attention to detail and willingness to share her knowledge. She leads projects with a commitment to maintaining open communication, achieving deadlines, and delivering high-quality results.
Avo Toghramadjian

Avo Toghramadjian, PE

Avo never forgets a face or a project. Genuine and friendly with an impressive project database in his head, he has built strong connections across the industry. Along with his technical expertise and project experience, he brings a versatile skill set to his design and management roles.
Heather Redetzke

Heather Redetzke, PE

Heather is both a talented highway designer and a thoughtful team leader. Her approach to project and quality management centers on drawing upon each individual's strengths to collectively deliver exceptional design.
headshot of Andrea Fastenow

Andrea Fastenow, PE

Andrea's passion for the technical nuances of geometric design, corridor modeling, and plan development makes her a sought-after lead designer and quality reviewer. Her repertoire ranges from complex interchanges, rural highways, and Complete Streets to roundabouts, RCUTs, and rest areas.