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Transportation Planning

Three images: people looking at engineering plans, a bicyclist riding on a path, people standing and looking at a computer monitor
Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning is a multidisciplinary approach to understanding existing conditions, identifying current and future needs, and developing infrastructure and policy recommendations that support a community's vision. An effective transportation plan is grounded in data, yields implementable solutions, and reflects the priorities of all community members.

The Isthmus planning team specializes in:

  • policy development and implementation
  • funding and programming
  • multimodal project development
  • geospatial analysis and data analytics
  • multimodal needs identification and prioritization

Our collaborative approach emphasizes mode integration, inclusive and meaningful public engagement, and consent building with agencies and community members. Our planners bring their experience partnering with engineers and policymakers to develop, fund, and deliver some of Minnesota’s largest and most complex transportation investments. We embrace first and last mile connections as the foundation of transportation demand and as the basis of an equitable and inclusive transportation system. We partner with our clients to deliver implementable plans that integrate community development, planning, engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance.

Areas of Specialty

Programming & Funding
Programming and funding are complex, ever-changing facets of infrastructure development, operations, and maintenance. Whether it be demonstration of fiscal constraint for MPO Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTPs), preparation of federally-compliant financial plans, Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs), or grant writing, Isthmus planners have the knowledge and experience to guide clients through the full breadth of project planning, programming, and funding.  

Performance-Based Project Development
Our planners offer performance-based management in all phases of project delivery —from partnering with agencies in policy development and implementation, to developing Congestion Management Process (CMP) plans, to investment planning, to engaging with communities and businesses in final design, construction, and operations. Isthmus planners leverage GIS analysis, data analytics, and community engagement as key tools in the evaluation of project and policy needs and development of recommendations.

Active Transportation
Building on the recognized expertise of our Isthmus ADA Design team, our Planning practice seeks to advance industry Accessibility for All, Safe Systems, Complete Streets, Performance Based Practical Design, Context Sensitive Solutions, Sustainability, and Vision Zero approaches through planning and design of roadways, MnDOT ADA compliance, tailored bicycle facility designs, and transit connections.

At Isthmus, we understand that capturing community voices in a planning process requires deliberate, context-sensitive, and culturally responsive engagement. Our planners bring experience in hosting a range of engagement activities, gathering feedback, synthesizing input, and incorporating results. The Isthmus team is adept at in-person and digital engagement leveraging tools such as Social Pinpoint, MetroQuest, and ArcGIS Online.

Isthmus offers traffic analysis and engineering services — from early planning through final design and implementation. Read more.

Featured Team Members

Mary Karlsson

Mary Karlsson, PTP, PE

Mary values and embraces all modes of transportation and believes each one serves an important market. Her passion is partnering with clients to identify and deliver performance-based transportation improvements that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders and project partners.
headshot of Pamela Fincher

Pamela Fincher, PTP, EIT

Pamela is an experienced project manager with a diverse resume in providing bicycle and pedestrian engineering and transportation planning. She has designed U.S. bike routes, created policies, plans, and guides, and served on multimodal councils, gaining experience from MnDOT and Michigan DOT.
headshot of Joe Lehman

Joe Lehman

With thoughtfulness, care, and attention to detail, Joe strives to deliver equitable transportation solutions. He is passionate about helping clients consider diverse voices and perspectives while identifying the greatest needs and most significant benefits.
Cory Zignego

Cory Zignego

Energetic and responsive, Cory brings facilitation and collaboration experience with a wide range of audiences to his roles at Isthmus. He employs a client-centered approach while exploring and implementing new ways to attract interest that leads to meaningful and productive engagement.