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Traffic Control

Traffic Control

Traffic Control devices provide clarity and guidance to support the safe movement of traffic and pedestrians through and around construction zones. Effective traffic control is also essential for providing safe work areas for construction personnel.

Areas of Specialty

Our capabilities include developing detour plans where traffic is guided with temporary signage around construction zones and Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plans where projects are constructed under traffic. In either case, we collaborate across the project team to ensure that the traffic control plans are in sync with the construction staging plans and that they reflect any design updates. We have prepared traffic control plans for projects ranging from rural highways to complex urban interchanges, as well as for a chain of roundabouts. 

  • Detour Plans
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plans

Featured Experience

Featured Team Members

Daren Ellefson

Daren Ellefson, PE

Daren is a versatile Project Engineer who understands transportation engineering beyond the design perspective. Along with his solid engineering background, Daren's upbeat attitude and dependable follow-through exemplify the Isthmus ideal of mutual accountability.
headshot of Allie Futhey

Allison Futhey, PE

Allison has built a strong project resume in traffic engineering and the fundamentals of roadway design. Her experience in the public and private sector gives her a unique perspective when collaborating with others, making her a valuable team member for any transportation engineering project.
headshot of Amber Nord

Amber Nord, PE

Amber exudes poise and calm in the midst of her dynamic project and leadership responsibilties. She willingly rises to new challenges while supporting the technical and professional development of her teammates. Amber has been instrumental in the development of the Isthmus Traffic service areas.
headshot of Elizabeth Lewen

Elizabeth Lewen, EIT, JD

Holding degrees in both law and engineering, Elizabeth fills multiple key roles across Isthmus. Her high follow-through and consistent approach support clear and consistent partnership agreements, thoughtful policies, and quality plan sets.
headshot of George Stuempfig

George Stuempfig, PE, PTOE

George's calm demeanor and affinity for argyle make him a natural fit for the Isthmus Team. He offers his industry-recognized Traffic Engineering expertise as a project resource and mentor to expand our team's capacity and capabilities.