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Our People

Dedicated to the Team

We are a talented, diverse, and driven team focused on delivering high-quality work and supporting each other. We are passionate about creating safe, connected communities. Our individual efforts are strengthened and amplified by working as a collaborative team. We recognize that mutual accountability is key to ensuring that we function as a team within our flexible and autonomous work environment.

Dedicated to the Team

We collaborate proactively with one another and our project partners keeping the best interests of the constituents we serve in mind. 

  • Heath Oeltjen, PE

    Senior Transportation Engineer
    Heath Oeltjen
  • Heather Redetzke, PE

    Heather Redetzke
  • Jason Tschida, PE

    Project Engineer
    Jason Tschida
  • Jessica Burmaster

    Communications Specialist
    Jessica Burmaster
  • Justin Konen, PE

    Justin Konen
  • Kathryn Ritzmann, EIT

    Design Engineer
    Kat Ritzmann
  • Katie Johnson

    Senior Design Technician
    Katie Johnson
  • Katie Toghramadjian, PE

    President and CEO
    Katie Toghramadjian
  • Kevin Krech, PE

    Senior Associate
    Kevin Krech
  • Kristin Bahr

    Finance Manager
    Kristin Bahr
  • Laura Butler, CPA

    Laura Butler
  • Luke Schneider, EIT

    Design Engineer
    Luke Schneider
  • Mary Karlsson, PTP, PE

    Senior Transportation Planning Engineer
    Mary Karlsson
  • Michael Zmuda, PE

    Senior Engineer
    Mike Zmuda
  • Michelle Gerrity, PE

    Senior Associate
    Michelle Gerrity
  • Nina Myszkowski, EIT

    Design Engineer
    Nina Myszkowski